We want to congratulate all of those INFERN-ites who completed the CROSSFIT INFERNO FOUNDATIONS CLASS and the first ever INTRO TO INFERNO CLASS yesterday!  Both of these classes are very important to us.  The Foundations Class is set up to teach all of our unlimited, and anyone else who wants the extra instruction on the basic moves in our training.  This allows for safer movement, more efficient moves and this all leads to more weight moved, more work done, more results produced and less injuries.  Isn't this what its all about?  Better and more results and less injuries so that you can lead that active life that you want!  And the INTRO CLASS which allows people to come in to the INFERNO in a much less intimidating fashion. In this class, we introduce you to the INFERNO and our style of training.  It is set up so that ANYONE at ANY LEVEL can come in and do a workout with us.  This is now a permanent class on our schedule and is FREE.  If you are interested in us, but a little nervous, come on in to this class and see what we are all about!

CROSSFIT INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE will start this Wednesday during the 730pm session.  We will do a lecture about the Paleo diet and then take our "Before Pictures".  Please show skin in these pictures!!  We need to be able to see changes so no long pants or t-shirts!!  Shorts for men, and sports-bras and booty shorts for ladies!!!! 


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"Hot, Hot, Hot!"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 20 minutes:

5 reps Back Squats (225#, 155#)

10 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

15 reps Toes to Bar




Hand Stand Push-ups

3 sets Max reps w 1 minute rest between each set.


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