Tomorrow is the inaugural "INTRO TO CROSSFIT INFERNO CLASS" starting at 1045am.  This class is specifically designed for the newbie to crossfit and the INFERNO.  This FREE, 1 hour class, will stretch you out, warm you up, teach you the technique for the day and then give you a WOD (Workout of the Day) that is programmed just for your level and abilities!  Come see what all the talk is about!!  No need to sign up, just come on in!!!!  See you there!!!

The 3rd installment of the CROSSFIT INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE will begin next Wednesday!!!!!  That right!  Start the new year off right by getting yourself back on track with the eating plan that is genetically designed for us!!  This 8 week challenge starts with a lecture on the Paleo diet and a chance for you to ask questions from our staff.  Then, we take the "Before Pictures" on Wednesday evening during the 730pm normal class (so training is canceled for that time period).  The rules are this:  it costs $30 to be paid that night that you take your pictures,  you will be signed up to the PALEO CHALLENGE Group on yahoo and then each Sunday you will need to submit ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you ate/drank during that week and have it listed by meal and by day.  The only way you can be removed from the challenge is to not get your post up by 1159pm on Sunday evening.  Even if you don't eat the wrong foods that week, you are not out!  However, the cleaner your diet is, the more results you will see.  As an added incentive, when we do the "After Pictures", we will see who the top 3 individuals are and they will get a cash prize.  The prize is determined by the number of people in the challenge.  (ie 20 people x $30= $600.  1st=$300, 2nd=$200, 3rd=$100)  See how that works?:) 

FOUNDATIONS CLASS is tomorrow starting at 7am.  It will be cold in the morning so bring some warm clothes!  If you need to pay the $100 fee for the class, you can bring a check to the class, or you can pay online at the INFERNO STORE under "FOUNDATIONS CLASS".  Email is you have questions:


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Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Overhead Squats (80% of 1RM)


*Warm-up then hit these reps all at your 80% weight




7 Rounds for time:

4 reps Hand Stand Push-up

5 reps Squat Clean (135#, 95#)

6 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

7 reps KB Swing (53#, 35#)

8 reps Double Unders (4:1 single for sub)

*Once you start ony of the movements you can not stop, rest, or fail any rep at any time.  if you do then you have to start back at #1 for that move.  HSPUs once you start up inthe handstand you cannot come down until you are done.  Kipping is fine. Squat Cleans must be touch and go off the ground and the only resting place is on your shoulders, not on your hips or legs or ground.  For pull-ups, you can hang all day long if you like but you can not release until they are all done.  Once the KB Swings start then you must have a fluid motion until you are finished.  Doubles and single are just that.  If you mess up, then you are back at 1.


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