How man of you know someone who seems a little interested in what we do here at the INFERNO but they are too afraid to try it?  I would venture to say most of you are probably in this boat.  Even though we say, all the time, that ALL of our workouts are scalable to each and EVERY person out there, many of them think its way too much and way to hard.  Well since we really want to spread the word about crossfit training here at the INFERNO and that everyone CAN do it, we are looking to start an "Intro Class" on Saturdays after the normal morning session.  This class will be a workout different from the normal website workout and will be specific to the extremely new crossfitter.  Now this isn't to say that a new person cant come to our normal classes during the week.  But we wanted to offer a true beginners class so everyone can at least come to the INFERNO and see what we are about.  I know that once we get people in here, they will be hooked like the rest of you.  It will be run the same way with our normal warm-up to start out, then go to some technique work (usually some of the more basic moves) and then hit a workout.  We think this will be a real eye opener for those who are nervous.  We are looking to start it the second week of January.  So spread the word!!!!!

Normal classes today and tomorrow but only the 8am class on Friday.  No class on Saturday!


__________________________ DSC_0027

"Double Burner"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:



1000m Row

50 reps Thrusters (45#, 35#)

30 reps Pull-up




5 rounds for time:

15 reps Sumo Deadlift Highpull

15 Ring Dips

25 Double Unders (or Tuck Jumps)


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