The new year is always a time when people feel that they can cancel any of their wrong doings or unachieved resolutions from the previous year and start fresh and new.  I guess its just a natural and easy time to do that.  But why do we need to wait until the new year to be able to it.  We see it in the gym as well.  Many wont start until after the holidays and after the new year.  We even see it on a weekly basis during the year.  People will wait until Monday to start a gym program.  This is why ALL gyms are most crowded on Mondays.  Everyone decides after a weekend of "fun" (and this usually means things that are not good for them like eating crap food or drinking, etc) that they will get serious and do the right thing on Monday.  This usually stays strong until Wednesday then the slide happens on Thursday and the gym is empty on Fridays and Saturdays.  Well, even though we will be doing our 3rd installment of the Crossfit INFERNO Paleo Challenge in the first week of January, I want to tell you that you don't have to wait for an "appropriate" start time like New Years, or Monday. If you know you need to fix something or you need to start working to better something about yourself, start right NOW!!!  Don't let yourself wait because all that is is wasted time.  Its a few more days of "ill do whatever I'm not supposed to do because in a few days I wont be doing it anymore so i better get it all in" and that's it!  Keep your eye on the prize as the old saying goes!  If you need to start something, then start it......TODAY!!!!!  This goes for everything and ANYTHING, not just eating right, weight loss, or working out.  Its good for you so get on it!!!!

This week we will have regular classes M-Th but we will only have the 8am class on Friday and we will not be having class on Saturday, New Years Day.


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"Quarter Gone Bad"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Sumo Deadlift (not high pulls)



5 Rounds for Total Reps:

Thruster (135/95) 15 sec

Rest 45 sec

Pull-up (50/20) 15 sec

Rest 45 sec

Burpee 15 sec

Rest 45 sec

*The point here is to give EVERYTHING you have in the 15 secs!!!!!!!!!!


Post weights and total reps to comments: