It was so great to have over 30 of our members show up to the CROSSFIT INFERNO HOLIDAY PARTY last night!  I know that there were also quite a few of you that were planning on making it but were not able to at the last minute.  We were very bummed that you couldn't be there with us.  Each and every one of our members are important to us and to our INFERNO Community.  This community is something that makes the gym what it is:  a place to workout, sweat, cuss, scream, laugh, cry, succeed, fail, improve, learn, support, cheer and become a better you.  Everyone comes to the INFERNO for a different reason, and many of them even stay for different reasons, but the common ground between everyone there is that its "OUR COMMUNITY"  and these are "OUR PEOPLE"!  You are part of something very special!  Be very proud of it!  We are:)!!!!!!!

Tenative schedule for this week will be as follows: M-W: normal classes, Th: one AM and one PM class, Fri-Sun no classes.


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"R U Ready!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Back Squats





10 Hand Stand Push-ups

15 reps Deadlift (205#, 135#)

25 reps Box Jumps (30")

50 reps Pull-ups

100 reps Wall Ball (20#@10', 15#@10')

200 reps Double Unders

400m Run with 45# plate


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