How much do you weigh??  Oh that's a dreaded question for sure!!!!!  If you could only lose that "mystery 10 pounds", or if you could only put on that "magical 10 pounds".  We hear it all the time on the news and everywhere how obesity is running rampant, and this is true, but at some point we need to get away from the number that you see on the scale.  What does the number mean anyways?  Its a VERY weak point of reference about where and what you should weight.  But just because you are sitting on a particular doesn't mean you are or you are not healthy.  Just because a female weighs 155 pounds instead of 115 doesn't mean she is overweight.  Just because a guy weighs 175 and not 215 doesn't mean he is some skinny kid.  What is much more important is your performance.  If we concern ourselves more with how we perform and how we workout rather than the number on the scale then we go for what's important....working out harder, doing better each time, and getting healthier.  Who really cares what the number on the scale says?  If you look amazing, perform well and eat correctly, then you will be exactly where you need to be.  Don't let a number tell you where you should be.  There is nothing magical in 10 pounds.  However,there is something magical with looking and feeling great!!!  Keep working hard and eating right!!!


__________________________ DSCN2889


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


500m row




5 Rounds of:

20 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')

15 reps Burpee Box Jumps (24", 20")

10 reps Snatch Balance [wmv] [mov] (135#, 95#)

*Burpee box jump is a full burppe and then instead of jumping up and clappng overhead, you will jump up onto the desired height of the box fully opening the hips


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