Yesterday I asked all of you out in blog-land, what do you tell yourself to get yourself to the gym.  There were a couple of you that answered and I'm sure that others of you thought about it.  The interesting thing about this is that you use your brain to convince your body to go to the gym with some comment or phrase.  Now, when you are in the gym and you are crushing the workout and you are just blasted, how do you keep going?  What do you do to make yourself stay with it and keep moving?  Many people have a crazy ability to just grit through the pain and just not stop.  Others have ways to trick their body into doing just a little bit more each time and chip away at the workout until they are done.  Something else you can do is just to literally throw your body back into it.  Your body doesn't know when its supposed to stop.  So if you find yourself getting exhausted try this: stand up, take a breath, put a smile on your face and say I'm ok and then grab the bar and get going.  See what it does for you!  What do you do, or what do you say to keep yourself going when you hit that wall?  Post it up for us!

How many of you have already got your tickets for the CrossFit Inferno Holiday Party??  If you haven't, you NEED to get on it!!!  Purchase those tickets at the gym.  We need to have all of these tickets purchased prior to the day of the party.  Remember, it will be on December 18th at 730pm!


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"Fight Gone Bad"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


*With a continuous running clock, move from each of 5 station each minute, take a one minute rest then repeat for a total of 3 round.  Will last a total of 17 minutes.


1) Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')

2) Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75#, 55#)

3) Box Jump (20 ")

4) Push Press (75#, 55#)

5) Row (for calories)

rest 1 minute...


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