The CrossFit Inferno Holiday Dinner has been set!!!  It will be at SLO Brew on Saturday December 18th from 730pm -10pm.  The cost per person for the party will be $25 dollars each.  This includes dinner for the evening.  Dinner choices are Steak, Chicken, or un-Paleo Pasta.  It will also come with sides like vegetables.  For those bringing kids, you will have to order their food off of their kids menu.  Here is the important part...........YOU MUST PRE BUY YOUR TICKETS AT THE GYM!!!!!!!  This will ensure that we will have the food for everyone.  So bring your cash or check to the gym and you will get a ticket receipt.  Bring this with you on the 18th.  On the ticket and the part that we keep, you will mark which dinner you will be desiring and also if you will be needing a child menu when you are their.  This will be a great time for everyone!!!!!  We will let you know if anything else is needed for the festivities!

A local firefighter, Eddie Bianchi, is selling raw natural walnuts from his families orchard.  We have order forms in the changing room on the table.  He has his prices there and we will be taking orders either weekly or bi-monthly.  When you write down your name, please give your cash or check to the trainer.  Then when the walnuts show up, you will then get a fresh batch of these little gems.  I will vouch for these.  We get them at my fire station.  They are only weeks off the tree!!!


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"Believe in it!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Back Squats





4 rounds of the following:

10 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

15 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (115#, 75#)

50 reps Double Unders (sub 3:1 single for the DU's)


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