Everyone wants to instantly gain muscle, lose weight and look like a superhero or super model.  People will spend millions on the instant gratification. But there is something they forget, Patience is a virtue!!!  What does this have to do with the INFERNO??  Well ill tell ya!  When you come to us, we want you to concern yourself with moving correctly and learning the moves.  Don't worry about losing weight.  Once you gain the understanding of these moves and you start to increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance you can then start to attack the workouts.  Once you start to put a little Paleo eating on top of it all, you will see some amazing things.  Your weight will be down, your strength will be up, your flexibility, balance, power, speed, etc will all increase.  Then all of a sudden you will look at yourself in the mirror and see a whole new you.  Losing weight is not the goal, functional fitness is.  It doesn't come overnight but it will happen if you have patience and you stay with it!  Keep up the good work everyone!!


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"Grab it like you want it!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Farmer's Walk

*find max weight for a 150 feet carry (this is a carry without putting it down at any time)




3 rounds of:

30 reps Hang Squat Snatch (75#, 55#)

30 reps Wall Ball (20#@10', 15#@10')

30 reps Chest to Bar Chin-up


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