I read an article today that was trying to tell firefighters how to keep "their stomach from looking like Santa's"  and one thing the article said was that if you cant get a workout in, then you can do mini workouts and at least maintain what you currently have.  The article stated that the mind is a super computer but the body is an idiot and that your body doesn't know if you do 100 straight push-ups or if you do 100 push-up throughout the day.  Obviously, the person who wrote this hasn't ever done 100 push-ups without stopping.  If they have then they would remember feeling that burning and fatiguing feeling that would be WAY different than if you did 10 push-ups every hour for 10 hours.  The difference is the Intensity that is being done on that workout.  Lets look at it for a minute. The work is your body weight moving the length of your arms for each rep.  So basically the work of doing them all at the same time or over the course of the whole day is the same but if you now take the time frame into it, the Power, or Intensity, of the workout is TOTALLY different.  More work done faster means quicker and more pronounced results.  Remember, its all about Intensity.  I think if you have limited time with the holidays then CrossFit training with the Inferno is the best thing you can do because in 1 hour you would have done some amazingly intense work, then you can get back to your holiday fun!!!  So get it in here:)


__________________________ DSCN2969

"Frontal Assault"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Front Squat (15 mins)


*Warm-up with a set or two of light regular front squats.  Then for the wod, take 3 seconds to lower into the squat, hold for 5 seconds then explode up  and wait no longer than 1 sec to start your next rep. 




3 rounds:

15 reps Front Squats (155#, 105#) no rack

30 reps Double Unders

1 rep Rope Climb (15 ft)

7 reps Muscle-ups

*Sub tuck jumps for the double unders, do 10 pull-ups for the rope climb, do the muscle-up sub inwhich you jump up into a deep ring dip or have the rings lowered and again pull self up to a deep dip and jump up and hold self in the locked out position.


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