I know that many people are afraid of the training that you all do.  But because you are involved in something that everyone knows is tough but gets results, I know that many will come to you and ask you about it.  Do they ask you what they should do, or do they just try to figure out what it is that you do?  If someone was to come to you and ask you how they can get into better shape, what would you tell them?  Post it!  Part of being in here training is understand what it is that you are doing.  Of course you can always refer them to the coaches and we would be glad to explain it to them.  But Post what you tell people!


__________________________ DSCN2881

"Swap it up!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP  in 20 minutes:

5 reps Slapping Push-ups

10 reps DB Box Jumps (25#, 15#)

15 reps Overhead Lunges (45#, 25#)


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