At the gym yesterday I talked about INTENSITY.  Many people think that to get better, or move past that plateau of the same lifts, the same times, which eventually leads to slower times or lower weight, you need to workout more.  This is not true.  To move past those plateaus, you need to increase the INTENSITY.  If you add more workouts but only workout at one particular intensity, then you will only have the gains possible at that intensity.  Remember when you first started here? You had an increase in intensity to your normal workout.  You then had gains in speed, strength, power, etc.  But if you dont continue to increase, then you eventually hit the plateau.  So how do you increase intensity without increasing volume?  You push harder on the workout.  This doesn't mean push until you get tired, because you will always get tired.  If we are doing 50 reps of weighted air-squats, then you should do as many as you possibly can at one time.  No matter how bad it hurts just keep going.  When your lungs are burning, keep pushing.  If you are doing pull-ups and drop off, then give yourself 1 or 2 seconds then hop right back up, not 5 or 10.  Yes you will be tired and yes you will feel like you just started crossfit again.  This is when you know you are moving to the next level.  See what happends!!!!

Ok, I messed up on the date of the party.  The date is SATURDAY DECEMBER 18, 2010!!!  If you haven't put your name on the list at the gym, please do so.  Ill post where the party will be this week!


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"Bear Complex"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 rounds of 7 reps

*1 rep is 1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 Push Press from behind the head, put weight to the ground.  A few rules:  During the 7 reps, you are not allowed to stop the weight on the ground other than touch and go, you can rest the bar on your body anytime you want during the 7 reps, you must pause between your Power Clean and the Front Squat, you can go straight from the Front and Back Squat into the Push Press.

**The point of this workout is to see how heavy you can go.  You can only score a successful round.  If you dont get all 7 reps, then it doesnt count

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