Strengths and Weaknesses.....we all have em.  Sometimes its glaringly obvious what they are and sometimes it is harder to see.  It feels so good to actually have a WOD come up that is in your "wheelhouse" and you are able to get in there and destroy it!  But remember what our goal is here at the INFERNO: hunting for our ultimate fitness level.  We want to have high levels in ALL 10 areas of fitness.  But the only way this can happen is if we attack those workouts in which we are weak.  It may not be that skill is your issue.  It may be that you have an issue with anaerobic workouts rather than the aerobic workouts.  Most of us know what are weakness are.  Do not shy away from them.  Embrace them and then conquer them!!!!  Attack the workouts today!!!!

Please let the trainer know if you will be able to make the CrossFit Inferno Holiday Party on December 18th.  We are looking for numbers so that we can figure out where to go.  It will be a kid and family friendly occasion, so please include them as well!!


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"Double Dose"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


21-15-9 reps

Hang Squat Cleans (135#, 95#)

Ring Push-ups




4 rounds

100m sprint

50 reps Air Squats

*all while carrying a bumper (45#, 25#)


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