Failure....most people are terrified of this word.  Most think it has a negative connotation.  But what would happen if we succeeded at everything?  Then we would never push to do anything or have any passion for anything.  Failure gives us the chance to grow and change to better ourselves.  When we fail we are forced to truly look at ourselves and our abilities and then make a change.  Think about how happy and excited you are if you constantly try to clean a certain weight, but you repeatedly fail it.  You try hard again and again.  Then eventually you get the weight.  How excited are you?  VERY EXCITED!!!  There becomes a feeling of self worth after you work at something and achieve it.  However, you would never make, or know what changes to make, unless you failed at it first.  So many are afraid to fail.  We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  There are going to be some workouts that we can crush and some that we do terrible.  Which do you think are the more important workouts to do?  If you said the ones that you do the worst in, then you are right.  They will illicit the most change from your body.  They will give you the most increases in those areas that you are weak and when these areas increase, then you become a more fit athlete.  From here, you will be able to do more work overall in all the workouts and your increases will grow exponentially.  Don't be afraid to fail!  Don't expect to fail, but if you do, use it as the greatest learning tool you can have.  Fix what you need to fix then succeed!!!  I will print out an article and get it to the gym for everyone to read.  It has to do with just this topic.  Have a great workout today everyone.  Give it your best and dont be afraid to fail!!!!

Make sure you tell the trainer if you, and any others (dates, family, etc) will be able to make it to the CrossFit Inferno HOliday Party on December 18th.  We are needing a head count to see where exactly to go.  Dont forget!!!

Today is the last day of the MUSTACHE!!!!  Thank you to all of those who gave of your faces to show support for Prostate and Testicular Cancer.  Send a pic of your Mo' so we can get them posted!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

M uscle-ups, 10 reps
U p Downs (Burpees), 25 reps
S ingle Arm KB Swings, 25 each arm (50#, 35#)
T oes to Bar, 25 reps
A ir Squats, 50 reps
C leans, 25 reps (135#, 95#)
H and Satand Push-ups, 20 reps
E very minute do 10 Double Unders

At the top of every minute, you must stop what you are doing and complete 10 double unders, not including the first minute.

If do not have muscle-ups, you will skip them and do 10 ring pull ups and 10 ring dips at the end of the workout instead.


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