So is everyone done with all the leftovers??  I hope so!  I know many people used Thanksgiving as a cheat day.  I'm not a fan of "Cheat days".  They really don't make any sense.  We are addicted to those high sugar, high carb, low nutrient filled snacks, candy and bread products.  But just as an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol, would it make sense to give them a beer if they didn't drink all week?  Of course not.  Remember that we don't do diets here, we change lifestyles.  Once you are able to break the cycle, then you wont even need, or even want, those foods that are bad for you.  How many of you were able to do the entire Thanksgiving in paleo fashion?  How many of you were able to do some of it?  Did anyone try a new paleo recipe?  If you did, post it on the comments!

We are looking to do our Christmas party on December 18th.  We are looking for locations and need to see about what numbers would be interested in coming.  It is going to be kid and family friendly so make sure to include them as well.  Give your numbers to the trainer today and tomorrow.  If you aren't going to be in the gym on those days but still want to go, then post it on the board here so we can get our numbers!!  Happy Holidays!!!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

Snatch Grip Deadlift





AMRAP in 12 minutes

4 reps Push Jerk (185#, 125#)

*no rack used

8 reps Box Jump (44", 30")

12 reps Push-ups


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