So did we all eat well?  I hope so!!!  I hope everyone was lucky enough to enjoy time with family and/or friends.  But even if you weren't able to, I hope that you enjoyed the beautiful day.  We hope to see everyone at the gym today.  Maybe for some of you who did the 4am shopping brawl, this will be the second workout for you.  Holiday times are tough to get those workouts in.  But even if you are tired or burned out from the day, we'd like to say to come in anyways.  We say that we want you to push your Intensity each day you are here, but of course it is relative intensity.  Let us be your stress reliever for the holidays!  Do your shopping, fight the crowds, do your normal work, and then come in and get your WOD on!  See you in the gym!!!!!!

We will have normal classes except for no 730pm class!!!


__________________________ 2008-11-12

"Burn the Feast"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


30 reps Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

30 reps Box Jump (30″/24″)

30 reps Handstand Push-ups

30 reps Overhead Squats (115#, 75#)

30 m Bear Crawl

30 steps Walking Lunges (95/65)

30 reps DB Push Press (50#, 35#)


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