There are all kinds of thoughts about Thanksgiving and its history etc.  And promise i will not get political here at all.  What I am going to remind you all is that we ALL have tons to be thankful for.  When you stop and think about it, your list can go on for ever.  No matter how bad your world may seem, no matter how it seems like you are being buried under all the stress of life and people, you still have MANY great things in your life.  I want you to stop and think about all the great things in your life today.  Think about your families, your friends, your lovers, your jobs, your skills and talents, your health, your house, your car, your garden, your coffee machine, your safety, the big things and the little things that bring a smile to your face and a glow of sunshine in your heart.  We have to remember not to forget these things.  Dont take them for granted.  They are special.  Maybe not to everyone, but to you.  Think about these things, then if its certain people that you are thankful for, tell them.  They deserve it:)  Thank you to all of our members and friends of the INFERNO.  It's our community that makes us great.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!

Now we WILL NOT HAVE CLASS TODAY but enjoy your feast and try to hit this workout at a park. It will be a beautiful day and this will be a fun WOD.  Get your family involved too:)


__________________________ Thanksgiving


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete 5 rounds of the following:


20 reps Pull-ups

30 reps Push-ups

40 reps Sit-ups

50 reps Squats

3 min rest


*The key to this workout is to hit the reps as fast as you can and then recooperate in the 3 minutes.  You are going to feel a burning sensation at each of the moves but the point is to push that pain back further each time


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