"3-2-1....GO!"  Those amazing words that ring out right before you launch yourself into a tasty WOD!  Whats going through your head when you hear them?  Nervous? Scared?  Have an instant feeling of having to go to the bathroom?  Have you ever tried to think of something different?  Maybe instead of the same ol' "oh sh#t this is going to hurt", try "ok!  lets do this!!!".  Or maybe "bring it!!".  You are always going to be tired in these workouts.  That's a given.  So once you get passed that, then its just a matter what you want to achieve during the workout.  Try it and see how changing your mindset changes your outcome.  Athletes and coaches are always talking about positive thinking when you go to perform.  The mind is a powerful thing and you can either use it in your favor or against you.  Take control of your mind and let it move you to amazing heights!  Bring it!!!!!

No class tomorrow.  But the Staff of Crossfit Inferno would like to offer you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  We all have tons to be thankful for:)


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


2 min max reps in each with 1 min rest between each:

Double Unders

Muscle Ups


Overhead Squats (135#, 95#)

Tire Flips

Rowing (for calories)


Dead lifts (225#, 155#)

Toes to the Bar

Walking Lunges (45#, 25#)


*The starting point will be totally random but everyone will go through all 10 stages.  The point here is to absolutly go as hard as possible in each of the 2 minute stations.  The rest will be 1 min between each station.  This is called Threshhold Training


Post total of each station and a total overall to comments: