I guess this is where is should tell Dave Lipson i apologize for "bitch" slapping him with the back of my during a box jump!  HAHA  He knows it was a love tap:)  Anyways, the 6th instalment of the Crossfit California Tour is up and it has us going to CrossFit Salinas Valley, home of Kenny Castro, Dave Castro's brother.  We do a quick burner WOD and then do some squat stuff.  You may have seen, or will see, some of these drills in our training.  I also want to thank all of our out of town visitors this week.  Its always good to see friends of the INFERNO from all over!!  We hope to see you again!

Crossfit Journal Trip Part 6


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"On the way Up!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Box Squats





7 rounds of:

5 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

10 reps Deadlifts (185#, 135#)

10 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

20 reps Double Unders


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