I just heard the craziest thing on the radio.  Have you heard of the "Hollywood Cookie Diet"?  Its where you eat 4 cookies (600 calories) in the place of 2 meals and then have a "sensible dinner" of about 800 calories.  What are people thinking?!?!?!  All of these diets, Weight Watchers, Nutri-Systems, etc do nothing but limit the amount of food you are taking in.  They are using the simple math equation of calories-in minus calories-out equals weight gain or loss.  This is not how to lose weight.  You will just be hungry!!!  Why not fill yourself with some low calorie, low insulin reactive foods like lean meats, vegatables, fruits and healthy fats.  You can basically eat as much as you want and since the caloric intake is so low compared to the high calorie breads, pastas and processed foods, you then lose weight.  And on top of it all, the whole foods you eat give you more and much better nutrition.  Sounds like a much better plan to me.  Plus, its what we were made to eat:)

Here's the 4th installment of the California CrossFit Workout Tour where the celebs workout at the INFERNO and then went to Avila for a little bon fire fun.  Check it out!!!  "California Road Trip: Part 4" by Sevan Matossian, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:




*Warm up with some lighter to mod heavy reps then put the weight on.  Again we want the first set to be around the 80% 1RM, 85%, 90% then 93ish%




4 rounds of:

200m  Sprint backwards

100 reps Double Unders

50 reps Push-ups (with release at the bottom)


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