How do you know if you are going to get a new PR (personal record) on a workout when you show up to the gym?  Is it that you have to have a great day the whole day leading up to it?  Do you have to be so angry that you are able to rip any weight off the floor?  What if its not a strength PR but a time PR?  Obviously, being mentally strong and confident that you will do it is a huge chunk of the task.  You have to see yourself moving the weight and keep all negative thoughts out.  I know that sometimes you will be moving the bar and all of a sudden you will feel the weight of the bar and you will think about how heavy it is rather than how fast you will move the bar up.  But you need to keep those thoughts out!!  Positive thinking helps tons!  But you cant just have the thought floating in your head alone.  You also need to be confident that you have prepared yourself to go heavy or fast.  We train you hard each day you are there so that basically you are ready to PR at any time.  General Physical Preparedness means that you are ready at anytime for any physical task.  So when there is a strength component to the WOD, don't just got through the motions.  Get fired up!!!  See how much you can do!!!  This goes for met-con portions also!!  Challenge yourself!!!  Never quit!!!!!

And for all you ladys out there who would like to join the the Mo'vember cause to raise awareness for Prostate and Testicular cancer, this is for you!!! (thanks Adam!!)

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"Say What?"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:


Hang Squat Cleans (50#, 35#)

Burpees 3 minutes


Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95#, 65#)

Overhead Squats (95#, 65#)




Push Press

30 reps

*these are not jerks!  The point here is to do the most amount of weight without droping or racking the weight.  If you drop it or rack it then you must do 20 pull-ups for each time you stop, to be paid up after the 30 reps are completed.


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