Well i know it may seem a little late but sometimes when you are given some direction like this after you do the move it makes a little more sense.   THE SNATCH.....The snatch is actually made up of 3 separate pulls:  1) when you initially pull the bar up off the floor and load in into the thighs.  The path of the bar actually travels back towards you a bit.  2) when you raise your back up and violently extend, even hyper-extend, your hips completely open and shrugging hard getting as much height and momentum on the bar.  You are actually leaning backwards at this point. Your arms have not bent at all yet.  Then 3) the final pull is when you pull yourself under the bar.  Here you bend your arms and keep your elbows high so that there isn't excess forward travel on the bar.  If you are opening your hips up hard enough on the second pull, then you will have a moment to pull yourself down and catch the bar in the Overhead Squat position. We always talk about the most efficient path of the bar and in most circumstances this is straight line.  However since we are moving such a great distance (floor to ground) we need to find the most efficient movement well as the efficient path.  So with this, the best combination will be a slight "S" shape.  Watch the video and you will see it in action.  The basic rules still apply:  open hips up hard and as open as possible, do not bend your arms until you are pulling yourself down below the bar and do it as fast and aggressive as you can.  Hopefully the video below helps the understanding.



"Push the Limit!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:


Squat Cleans


*only touch and go on the ground, no stopping or re-gripping on the ground




15-12-9-6-3 reps Shoulder to Overhead, taken from ground (155#, 105#)

3-6-9-12-15 reps Burpee Kettle Bell Swing (55#, 35#)

*If scaling, pick a weight that you can get a tough 10 reps on the 1st set for the presses


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