Oh the Oly shoes!  We are starting to see them more and more when it comes to the weightlifting stuff.  We see many of the best of the best using them in met-con WODs where there is lifting along with other moves.  So what moves should you be using the shoes for??  The shoe was made with a lifted heel to allow you to get deeper under the bar on a clean, a snatch or a deep squat and yet allow your back to stay straighter.  This keeps some of the tension off your lower back and more drive from your legs.  You can use them in squats and overhead squats.  They even work great in the "pistols".  But where you SHOULD NOT wear them is during the deadlift.  With the deadlift, you want to be back further on your heels so that the bar can travel along your shin.  If you have a lifted heel, it will lean you forward moving the bar away from your shins and putting more tension on your lower back.  Plus, it will make you taller and you will have to bend over further to get the bar.  This is why we will have you kick your shoes off when you are doing the deads.  Check out the video below of over 1000lbs being lifted.  Now look at his shoes!  Remember, do things and use things that will keep you functionally correct, not just because you saw someone else do it or saw it in the Games.  We want you to be a badass, not just look like one:)

So how are the Mo's?? It's Prostate Awareness Month Remeber??:)



" Boltin' "

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

Front Squat:





3 rounds of:

15 reps Squat Snatch (95#, 65#)

Shuttle Run*

60 reps Double Unders (sub tuck jumps)

*Shuttle run wil be run down the drive way towards the dirt and will start at the line between the grass and the dumpster, go out 20m to a cone (door of dance studio), turn and come back to the start, then run out to a cone 40m away (2 more roll up doors down), then back and then to a cone thats 60m away 9the orange fence at he end of the driveway) then come back, cross the line and go back into the gym


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