There has been much chatter on the blog about wanting to do the workouts Rx'ed.  I totally understand that everyone would like to do all the workouts rx'ed and crush them.  Please remember that this is not the goal of our workouts.  The programming is to make the Rx'ed weights and rep schemes high so that you always have something to shoot for.  High Expectations yield high performance.  If i have low Rx'ed wods and everyone did them, then those of you that have strengths in certain areas would blow through it so easy and you would not have the gains you do.  Now as i have said before, the key to what we do is Intensity.  Intensity is Power, or how much weight is moved how far and how fast.  This doesn't mean you go light just so you can go fast.  It means that if you cant do the Rx'ed weight, then you pick a weight that would be relatively similar to you and your abilities.  I try to give %'s sometimes but it will also take you to decide what you should do.  Sometimes you will scale to much.  sometimes not scale enough.  It doesn't mean you failed the WOD, it just means you need to look more closely at your past results so you have a better idea of what you should do.  But if you pick it, then DO IT!  Dont let yourself say "ill start at this weight then take some off, then take some more off because its hard".  Fight through it.  Im stoked how hard everyone pushes.  But remember, you are comparing yourself to yourself.  Sure its nice to have the fastest time but if you look at the board, does it really matter?  Everyone is doing different weights and reps so the times aren't truly like a competition.  We put them up so that YOU are responsible for your results.  This is to pull more work out of you.  I really think its working because we see many of you hammering and giving it all you have.  Keep that up!  You guys make all of us trainers very proud!!!!


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"9 minute grind"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

3 rounds of:

1 minute max reps Deadlift (265#, 205#)

1 minute max reps Push Jerk (135#, 95#)

1 minute max reps Box Jump Over the Box (24", 20")

* rep counts when you land on the other side of the box, you can jump over the box or jump up on then jump off but rep counts when you land on the other side of the box.

**this is done in fight gone bad style with a continuous clock, with a "rotate" call at each minute but without any rest inbetween the rounds.  So its 9 straight minutes of work.  Score with total number of reps.




Free work on any gymnastic movement (pull-ups, kipping, butterfly, rope climbs, hand stand push ups, ring dips, muscle-ups, etc)


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