So how many Mo's are we gunna have running around the gym?  Remember this month is MOVEMBER and the moustache is the ribbon that is worn to show our support for Prostate Cancer.  They say this cancer will affect 1 of every 6 men.  Those odds suck.  Now, we here at the INFERNO feel that eating in a way that keeps your silent inflammation low (not eating wheat, pasta, grains, or sugar and taking our fish oil) will fight against this and other cancers.  But, it is still important to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer and to support anyone who is affected by it.  So lets see who is going to raise those Mo's!!!!!

Tullius Chiropractic in Grover is doing a food drive during the month of November.  Dr. Steve Tullius will be offering free initial visits and adjustments for new members in exchange for a bag of food during the month of November.  Any existing Tullius members can get their adjustment for food exchange on November 24th.  See the flier in the gym! 


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"Power of 10"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete AMRAP in 10 minutes:

10 reps Hang Power Clean (135#, 95#)

10 reps Ring Dips

10 reps Strict Pull-ups




Find 1RM Snatch

*Full Squat Snatch


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