I sometimes hear about crossfit stuff being a fad.  What do you think?  There have been a bunch of things that have come around in the crossfit community: five finger shoes, "Skins" leggings, knee high socks, olympic lifting shoes, tape on the hands, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, etc.  Which of these things do you subscribe to?  Why do you use it?  Is it because many others do?  Think about your equipment and what you really do with it.  I know that the things I have are to try to get back to the most natural movement or most natural function possible.  For instance, I knew about the Five Finger Shoes for about a year and a half before i got mine.  And it was my brother who actually broke the ice with me when he got his.  Now, i cant imagine not having them.  Think about your stuff and what you do.  Post up some of your stuff and your "why you have them" to the comments.

Foundation Class will be tomorrow starting at 7am.  If you haven't already, email if you are planning on coming.  Also if there are any current members who would like to come and refresh themselves on some movement, you are welcome to come in.  Please realize that the new members will have priority on or time.  But we will have enough love for everyone:)


__________________________ DSCN2350

"Heres a lil Diddy"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

100 ft Burpee Broad Jump


6 rounds of:

6 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

12 reps Pull-ups

24 reps Box Jumps (24", 20")


100ft Burpee Broad Jump

*no breaks between the burpees, the 6 rounds and then the burpees.  this is one workout




Front Squats off Rack



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