Today we are celebrating the pumpkin!!!  You have to check out this video!  Just a little info about the haunted gord of halloween!!  All About Pumpkins!

Today we will be opening up the gym for a special Halloween workout at 10am.  To do this workout you must wear a costume and bring a pumpkin to use during the workout!!!  Your goulish trainer Josh will be running the show and will have garbage bags for you and your pumpkin!   Happy Halloween!!!!


__________________________ AtlasGiantPumpkin (2)_____

"Love the Great Pumpkin"

INFERNO Warm-up     x 3


Complete 3 Rounds:

20 reps Pumpkin Ball Squat Cleans

20 reps Pumpkin Thrusters

20 reps Pumpkin Sit-ups

20 reps Pumpkin Wall Ball over the 8' Pull-up bars

20 reps Pumpkin Kettle Bell Swing

20 reps Burpess over Pumpkin

*This entire workout will be with your pumpkin.  If you drop your pumpkin, your coach will supply you with a garbage bag for you to put the pumpkin in it and tie it so that you finish the WOD.  For the situps, the rx will be you setting the pumpkin overhead on the ground and then doing a sit up. scaled would be holding the pumpkin on yor stomach and sitting up. For the "over the bar", do the normal wall ball style but you have to toss it over the bar and then move to the other side and catch it.  DONT DROP IT!!  The rest should be self-explainable.


Have a great time!!!!!


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