Have you seen this guy??  We want you back!!!  I'm not trying to embarrass you at all Tim but we do want you guys back in here!!

Well, I have heard a little rumbling about what to do for Halloween this year here at the INFERNO.  So here is the plan.....on Sunday starting at 10am, you come to the gym in a costume and bring a pumpkin.  The workout will include the pumpkin that you bring.  I wont tell you what or how it will happen but just bring one.  And make sure it has a stem on the top of it!  YOU MUST HAVE A COSTUME OF SOME SORT!!!!!!  This is a special day that we are opening up the gym on a Sunday so please play by the rules.  Again, those rules are 1) be in a costume and 2) bring a pumpkin!  Im already jealous that i wont be there with you guys.  But someone has to protect and serve the residents of Shell Beach!


__________________________ DSCN2317


INFERNO Warm-up   x 3


Complete the following:

3 rounds of:

20 reps Ring Dips

20 reps Burpees





15 min to find 1RM


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