Safety is VERY important to us at the INFERNO.  We strive to give all of or athletes a intense workout but we also strive to keep everyone safe and free from injury. To do this we have a couple rules here that we need everyone to follow.  Remember these rules are for your safety and the safety of everyone in the gym.  1) Please be on time to the warm up.  This is intended to get your body ready to do the intense work that has been planned.  2) If you come late or early to a workout, DO NOT walk through the middle of the mat.  Walk around the outside.  This is important so that you do not have a bar or weights land on you.  Please be respectful of those working out and respectful to the instructor by not walking right through the middle of the gym.  3)  Listen to your trainer during the workouts.  If the trainer tells you to go up or down in weight, there is a reason for it.  We are trying to make sure you get the appropriate workout.  We are watching your movement and we will be constantly guiding you to proper movement.  These are very important rules that we need everyoe to follow.  Remember this is all to make sure that all of our members are becoming more functional while keeping injuries to a minimum.  Now lets go workout!!!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete 5 rounds for time:

800m Run

30 reps KB Swing

30 reps Pull-ups

* this one will take some time!


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