Did you know that people are scared to give us a try?  They say its impossible to do what we do.  They see the workouts on the site and say they could never do the workout that is posted.  What they don't seem to realize is that ALL of our workouts are scaled to the individuals ability levels.  The trainer may need to lower the weight, or change the rep scheme, or decrease the rounds, or modify the movement due to strength or flexibility issues.  The truth is that EVERYONE is able to come to our classes and participate in the workout.  We are able to set it up so that newbies and experienced crossfit vets can all workout together.  This also goes for the very athletic and those that have just decided that they need to start moving again.  Don't be afraid to come in and give us a try.  Sure you will be tired and it will be hard but the benefits you will get are second to none.  Don't worry about being embarrassed about your level, just come in. We have all been there....ALL OF US! We promise to take good care of you all the way through the class.  If yo have any questions about us and what we do, please call or email us.  To our current members, please keep letting everyone know about us and what we have doe for you.  Remember, there is also an incentive of $25 off your month membership if you have someone sign up for a 3 month package.  Just  a little thank you from us to you!!! 

Keep chatting about the Halloween Party or the Costume WOD.  Here is a video of my buddy Rory's old box and their Halloween WOD:   Halloween Throwdown [wmv][mov]


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"Beat the Best"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

AMRAP in 7 minutes:

10 reps Overhead Squats (135#, 95#) from ground

10 reps Push-ups w release @ bottom

**Todays WOD w 2010 Games Champ (Holmberg) vs 2010 Games Runner-up (Froning)- video [wmv] [mov]




5 rounds:

200 m Sprint

40 reps Double Unders (3:1 subs)


Post rounds and time to comments: