Do you believe in yourself?  I mean do you believe that you can do anything you set our mind to?  Many times people say "yes" but they don't seem to realize that when they think they can do something that it also means they have to be willing to do anything and everything to make it happen.  This means that you are totally accepting the time commitment, the physical demands, the mental demands and any other demands necessary to reach that goal.  This is right where most people fail.  People don't like to do things that are hard.  Its uncomfortable when things are hard!  Here at the INFERNO, we subject ourselves to moments of being uncomfortable  everyday.  And like we have said before, "we want to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable" because this way we can accomplish more than the others around us.  This will get us closer to our goals or to achieving the things we want.  Doing this gives us the confidence to truly believe in ourselves!!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

30 reps Clean and Jerk (135#, 95#)

30 reps KB Swing [wmv][mov](53#, 35#)

30 reps Back Squats (135#, 95#)

30 reps Single Arm KB Snatch [wmv][mov]

(35#, 25#) *15 each arm

30 reps Pistols

*15 each leg

3 reps Rope Climbs


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