"Its bad for you to move like that!!" or "I wasn't made to move like that!"  Both of these comments are things that i hear all time.  First and foremost, we were all made to move THIS way.  "THIS way" will be our full squat today.  I have heard so many people say tha its bad for you to squat all the way down.  Its bad for your knees and bad for your bad.  When people say these things, they obviously do not understand our body and the physics that go into movement.  If you keep the weight on your heels, you drive your but back instead of down, keep your knees driving out when you push, keep the lumbar curve in your lower back and keep your chest up, then ALL the tension of the movement goes to the strongest part of our body: the hips.  However if you go to your toes, or drop your but straight down or let your knees fall inward, then you will feel tension in your knees and the physics of this positioning will multiply at those joints and yes you can do damage.  There may be limitations to the movements as far as strength and flexibility.  But the way to improve this properly is to train the proper form in as much range of motion as possible.  Then as strength and flexibility increases, gradually you can lower yourself down until the appropriate depth is achieved.  The legs were meant to bend.  We just have to get them back to bending again!

What does everyone think about doing a Halloween workout in costume, or a halloween party?  Post your thoughts on the board and lets get it started!!!


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"3 shots please!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

800m run

3 min rest

200 Double Unders (3:1 singles)

3 min rest

1000m row

*everyone starts the run together and the object is to go as fast as you can on each of the events.  you will record your times for each of the events.  the events will be done in this order.  If you end up having to wait for the rower (after your 3 minutes of rest) then you must do push-ups and sit-ups while you wait until you are up.  must keep moving!!


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