We talk about working out and movement all the time.  I believe that the training that we do, and the WODs that you do are second to none!  They will help you have better movement which will allow you to be better, faster, stronger than ever before.  But even with all of this, the is nothing more important that how your are eating.  I was talking to a firefighter the other day who said is gets sick all the time.  I asked him what he eats and he rattled off a ton of bread type carbs.  I told him that eating like that is actually bad for him and that is probably what is keeping him in a sick state all the time.  His response was that he liked it too much to not eat it.  I asked him if he likes to be sick and of course he said no.  I then asked then why if the bread is making him sick, why would he continue to eat it.  "Because i like it too much" was the answer.  Now i don't know for sure if this is what is making him sick, but when someone isn't even willing to see if this will help totally confuses me.  If there is a chance that you wont be sick any more, wouldn't you give it a try??  This is the average thought process of the public.  I am hoping that all of you constantly think about your eating habits.  When we eat the "paleo" way, we are taking in better food that is more aligned with our genetic makeup than processed foods.  It will keep the inflammation diminished in your body and this will lead to less sickness, less disease and a more healthy life.  Sounds good doesn't it???


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"Try this on for Size"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:

4 rounds of:

7 reps Bar Muscle-ups

100 feet Weighted Broad Jump (20#, 10#)

14 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95#, 65#)

*Subs for MU's: Stomach to Bar, Chest to Bar, Pull-ups




10 minutes to work on any gymnastics moves:

(ropes, muscle-ups, ring dips, hand stands, basically anything other than weights or running)


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