You hear us talk about Intensity all the time, and how it is determined by how fast a particular amount of work is being done.  Today you are given a set amount of movements and then some built in rest between each round.  The whole object is to blow yourself out during the movements, with full Range of Motion of course, recuperate on the rest then hit it again as hard as you possibly can.  Keep track of your times for each round.  Dont let yourself slow down from round to round.  Again, this is another mind game.  You need to push your body as hard and fast as it can go.  Do not let yourself be lulled into a 15 min WOD pace. You will have to fight this hard!  You hear me talk about the difference between the 3 minute WOD pace and the 20 min WOD pace.  There has to be a difference.  Today is the day to make the difference!  Test yourself.  See what you can do.  Don't let down! Give it everything you have!!  (have i put in enough inspiring comments yet or do you need 1 more???)   Embrace the SUCK!!!

Below is a picture of Marc Vermette of the Sacramento Fire Department repping the INFERNO!!  He and his crew get their crossfit on as well.  Marc just had his assessment for a Captain's position with them.  Good Luck my friend!! (but whose finger is in the way???  Hahaha)


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete 6 rounds of the following:

40 reps Squats

20 reps Ring Dips

10 reps Toes to Bar

1 minute rest




Static Handstand Hold:

Max time in 3 minutes


Post your your fastest, slowest and average of all 6 rounds to comments: