"Move or Die!"  Its kinda harsh to hear something like this but its true.  Back in our more un-modernized world, we didn't have a choice whether or not to move around and do the things that keep us alive.  We had to do it.  If you had a hurt leg and you were not able to hunt your food, then you didn't eat.  If you have a hurt arm and decide to wait until its better before you start hunting or setting up your shelter, then you might not survive.  Moving is imperative to life!  When we are hurt, we still need to move.  Relative Functionality means that you move as close to true form and functionality as you can.  With the hopes of getting back to true form or developing the most efficient form possible with what you have.  When you are injured, you still need to move and keep those muscles and joint fluid and sliding along each other.  If you do not move them, then they will develop a stick scar tissue type glue that binds them and makes then harden up and lose all of its elasticity, flexibility and strength.  Rehab it by moving through as much full range of motion as you can using VERY light weight.  When it feels better, then start to add weight.  But keep coming in and doing the movements!!!!  You will heal but be patient.  Keep on moving:)


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"Run fast, Lift Heavy"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

800m run

21 reps Push Jerk (185#, 125#)

400m run

15 reps Push Jerk

200m run

9 reps Push Jerk

100m run

3 reps Push Jerk

*must clean the weight off the floor.




work on anything you want for 15 minutes.  Do not leave!!  the WOD isnt done until the end!!


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