They say crossfit is a cult of sorts:  it has its own language, it has it own routines, it has its own way of life.  This lifestyle is getting more and more popular and people are starting to ask what its all about.  But sometimes when you go to explain it, you might come off a little bit crazy.  Its ok, it happens to all of us.  What we do is exciting! It breaths life back into people who have forgot how to push, or to play and enjoy an active life!  Some people will ask about it because they want to compare it to what they do or how they live.  This is great!  It gives them a chance to see what it is and how it works.  But here is the tough part; don't try to convince everyone on the first discussion.  Don't tell people that what they do is wrong.  This is WAY too much pressure for someone to handle.  Everyone wants to think that what they do is right.  So if someone isn't doing crossfit, don't tell them they are wrong.  Tell them to come and try it!  Ill admit right now, I am workout snob!  Its ok though!  I know I am!  But I have learned to toss out "bread crumbs" to people to get them to give it a try.  For the most part, it works.  But remember our lifestyle isnt just working out, its nutrition as well.  The same rules apply here.  The best thing you can do is get as much information about what we do so that you can answer those questions when they come to you.  If you cant answer them, then direct them to your coaches.  We have been crossfit geeks for quite sometime and love to talk crossfit all day long to anyone that wants to chat about it.  So be nice to all those non-believers out there.  Be proud in what you are and what you do.  Give that information to them and invite them all to come play with us.  They will get hooked on our "kool-aide"!

How do you get people to come give it try???  Post it on the comments!!


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"Round, round and around"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

Back Squats (15 min limit):

Warm up-3-3-3-3

*3 secs to go down, 5 sec hold at bottom, up as fast as possible until locked out then start going back down right away.




3 rounds of (25 min time limit):

21-15-9 reps

Deadlift (Body Weight)

Burpee Pull-ups

*rx is to bar that is at your outreached arm.  no bands will be used so go to the appropriate bar to jump up and pull, or set up on box and jump to bar


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