How many times have you finished the workout and said to yourself, "I think I could have gone a little faster", or "I think could have gone a little heavier".  These are the aftermath thoughts of your worries or lack of confidence in your abilities.  Its amazing how many thoughts and internal conversations go through our heads when we see the workout for the first time, right before we start, during the wod and then after its done.  What do you say to yourself during these times?How many positive thoughts do you have in your head?  Do you fire yourself up, do you give yourself positive affirmations and cheer yourself on as you start to get tired?  What do you tell yourself?  The things we say can set our mind into either a tailspin or keep us strong and stable throughout the workout.  Its so easy to just stop but the more we do that, the easier and easier it gets.  It takes true determination to keep pushing through these tough moments.  Don't give up on yourself!  Dont let yourself shut down or quit!  This fortitude will get more and more powerful each time you push forward.  This feeling of not giving up will start to bleed into your normal everyday life and you will start to see successes in everything in your world, not just the Inferno WODs.  Now how great is that!!  Don't give up on yourself....EVER!!!


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

5 mins Max Rep Double Unders

1 min rest

4 min Max Reps Kettle Bell Swings (50#, 35#)

1 min rest

3 min Max Reps Shoulder Press (115#, 75#)

1 min rest

2 min Max Reps Jumping Squats (45# bar, 35# bar)

*Jumping Squats video [wmv][mov]

1 min rest

1 min Max Reps Pull-ups


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