Before I start this post, i want all of our members to know that our main purpose is to get you closer to your ultimate level of fitness.  Sometimes, some of you think that the posts are directed to just you as an individual.  Actually they are directed to everyone.  Everyone needs to hear the things that are said here whether it is directly related to you or not.  But if you are hearing me talk to you when you read it, then maybe it is something that you need to hear.  Don't take offense to it, just listen to it and learn so you can improve.  We as your coaches are here to help:)

Yes everyone gets tired when they workout with us.  This is very normal at the INFERNO.  However we want you to ramp up the INTENSITY of your workouts.  Mathematically speaking, Intensity is Power, or the amount of work (Force x Distance) done over time.  I=P=FxD/T.  So we are looking for the most amount of work done in the shortest amount of time.  Yes we want you to scale to the appropriate weights if needed, and yes we want your form to be correct so that your movements are safe and efficient.  But once you are consistent with these good movements, then it is time to get moving!  That mean bust out those reps!  That also means to decrease the amount of rest between moves or reps.  It does hurt initially to make this INTENSITY jump.  Your body will feel like you just started doing crossfit for the first time again.  But once you make the jump, you will see increases like never before in performance, in muscle growth or muscle tone, in fat loss and in all 10 areas of physical fitness.  This is the goal of our training.  Make that jump!


__________________________ IMG00182-20100817-1742

"Nancy & a rope"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete 5 rounds of:

400m run

15 reps Overhead Squats (95#, 65#)

1 Rope Climb (**see video below)

20 reps Double Unders (or 3:1 singles)

*first ones to the rope get to go first, however if you get to the rope and dont immediatly start climbing then you can be bumped by someone behind you.  Subs for the rope climb will be 10 towel pull-ups (Towel Pullup & Variations [wmv][ mov])


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**"Rope-Climbing Techniques: The Spanish Wrap" by Adrian Bozman with Carl Paoli and Kim Bozman, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]