I forgot to mention this earlier so I will now.....I want to give a huge shout and a "Good Job!" to Craig Brooks.  Craig has done something special this weekend.   Without any specific training and without any specific preparation, he signed up for the City to Sea Half Marathon the day before the race.  Prior to this Criag hasnt run more than 4 miles straight but he lined up on the starting line with his Five Finger Shoes and just did it!  He finished the race!  The vast majority of runners trained long and hard for this run.  Craig just did the normal crossfit training we do, and he did it virtually barefooted.  Now granted, his calves were screaming and eventually he stopped running in pose form on the forefoot and switched to a heel-toe form which did a number on his heels, but he never quit!  The training you do here at the INFERNO allows you to be able to attack tasks like this.  We say that you should be trying new sports and activities, and you should!  You have been working your body so that it can be more functional.  Now that its more functional, use it!!! Dont be afraid to try things!!  We have many very cool activities being done by our members: Lauren Lederer doing the Tough Mudder, Steve English for his ultra trail runs, Cesar Martinez for paddles from Avila Pier to Pismo Pier just to name a few.  If you hear or know of cool active events, let us know about it!!  Lets get people together and do these things.  Its super fun and brings our members and community even closer!!!  Great job again Craig!!!


__________________________ DSCN2946


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:






AMRAP in 15 minutes:

7 reps Deadlifts (275#, 185#)

14 reps Ring Dips

21 reps Double Unders

*the first 8 people to the rings get to go first.  If you need the bands, just keep them hanging on the rings but be ready that you may have to wait for your turn.


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