Integrity........"doing what is right even when no one is looking."  This word has many places in our society.  We hear it all the time, and now that elections are coming up we hear it even more.  But Integrity is important in the gym also....important to you and your personal success.  The coaches will do the best they can to keep you on track and make sure you get the correct number of rounds or reps.  We can watch most of you but sometimes it becomes more important for the trainer to make sure moves are being done safely and correctly rather than seeing who is in the lead.  We really don't care who "wins".  What we want is everyone to give us their all.  One of the things i have seen in my time as an athlete is that the second someone starts to skip out of parts of the workout secretly to be first, then it becomes easier and easier to skip out on more reps.  This is where the personal integrity has to kick in.  Everyone will miscount a round every once in a while because you are tired (unless you are like Cesar whose OCD would NEVER allow something like this :) ).  But when you start doing this so that you can go faster, or you use weight that is too light for you so you can go faster, etc, etc, then you are only hurting yourself.  Yes some people thrive on competition in the gym, but guess what, everyone can be beat on any day.  So if it happens, who cares???  The point is did you get the most out of the workout?  If you shorted the reps or the rounds, then you did not get the most out of the workout.  Our trainer's job is to try to make you get the most out of it.  We will push you, and question you if you are miss counting.  Its what you are paying us to do.  Dont get upset about, just fix it.  We are all here to gain that ultimate level of fitness.  Lets push each other daily to do that!  Our members here are amazing so lets keep pushing each other!!!


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"From Angie with Love"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

Hang Cleans (not Power Cleans)

Warm up (5-5-)-3-3-3-3

Hang Clean video:[wmv][mov]




"1/2 Angie w a kiss"

50 reps Pull-ups

50 reps Push-ups

50 reps Sit-ups

50 reps Squats

*For every broken set (everytime you come off the bar, lay on the ground or take a knee on the push ups, or stop your metrinome count during the situps and squats, you owe Burpees.  Guys owe 5 reps and Girls owe 3 reps.  These must be completed before you can continue.


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