Foundations Class this Saturday from 7am to 10am.  For those in the class if you are wanting to workout after in the 930am Saturday class you will be able to.  However, you will be sitting in the squat position for a long time so ill let you decide:)  Email if you are going to attend the Foundations Class!

We do the same warm-up each and everyday.  It may seem boring to some, and i know other gyms will do a mini workout for their warm-up.  Some will even run for their warm-ups.  So then why do we do the same things everyday?  Because we want your body to develop its muscle memory in those six very basic but VERY important movements.  The squat is one of the most functional movements we do.  EVERYONE needs constant practice and scrutiny with this move.  If your air squat is not perfect then whatever problems you have will be glaring in your front squat, overhead squat, push jerks, push presses, cleans etc.  This muscle memory time is important to you and your improvement.  DO NOT BLOW IT OFF!!!!!  I have been seeing some of you making up your own movements or doing other things.  You can always add to the warm-up if you want, but do not leave moves out so that you can do other things.  We will also warm you up by practicing the moves of the wod for that day so save it for then.  If you want jump rope, or do muscle-ups or do the burg warm-up, thats fine but do not leave out the rounds of those 6 very important moves. You can do those moves after you do our warm-up.

Below is Rob Orlando and Dave Lipson squatting while we were on the workout tour. This was day 98 of Dave's 365 days of squatting while we worked out in Kenny Castros new gym, Crossfit Salinas.   Check out Dave's blog!


__________________________ IMG00022-20100908-1802

"Back and Front"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Box Squats

Warm-up (8 to 10)-5-5-5

*Watch the video below to see the proper technique for the box squat: stance is wide and you will be siting to a box that is 1" below parallel (this is prescribed, scaling would be a higher box), as you sit back (not down) your shins will actually go past parallel as you sit on the box, to come up you must flex your glutes, not your thighs and drive your knees out to come off the box.  it should be explosive and fast when coming up




5 rounds of:

5 reps Front Squat, off ground, (185#, 125#)

10 reps Ring Dips


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