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One of the greastest things about training at the INFERNO gym is the fact that you have a coach there with you.  A highly trained (and we have the highest level of trainers in the entire county) coach who is there to push you.  Not just to be a cheerleader but to instruct you through the workout.  Form and efficiency is key to movement and work.  We all have flaws in our movement.  Some small and some big but we all have them.  Our coaches are here to keep you on track and help you make those corrections that you need to do more work.  But you as the athlete need to listen to what they are saying.  These coaches may or may not better than you at the workouts, but that is not whats important.  Our coaches have the ability to see things that you can not feel.  Listen to what they are telling you.  Make the corrections and you will improve.  To be a good athlete, you need to be a "coachable" athlete.  Even if you dont see yourself as an athlete, you need to be a coachable member.  The more open you are to our coaching, the more improvements you will be making and the more gains you will have.  We are here to help you.  Lets do this!!!!


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"Another Annie"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Push Jerk off Rack







Double Unders

*20 min time limit


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