Just a few more days for.....FIGHT GONE BAD!!!!!  That's right!!  CrossFit INFERNO is hosting this amazing WOD raising money for 3 great causes!  Click here for more information!!  Come on out and test yourself while you help a worthy cause.  Listen for us on New Rock 107.3!!!

Well the countdown is on for Fight Gone Bad.  This is a great workout and a great time!  We are hoping to see all of our members and we hope that you all bring as many people as you can to get involved with you.  We know the weekends are family times and this 17 minute workout is a perfect time for your family so see you push for a great cause.  Please spread the word about the event.  We will be running rounds of the workout from 10am until at least 5pm.  If we have people who still want to workout, then we will keep on going!  So please come on by!  We will have prizes for our top male, female and team competitors but everyone will be in a drawing for membership prizes to the gym and other items!  So come one, come all!!!



"After Burners!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

5 reps Burpees

2 reps SDHP (135#, 95#)

9 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10")

AMRAP in 5 minutes, 2 minute rest after

AMRAP in 3 minutes, 2 minute rest after

AMRAP in 2 minutes




Sumo Deadlift



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