FIGHT GONE BAD is only 4 days away!!!!  Are you ready to test your fitness on this amazing workout?  Are you ready to help raise money for those that really need it?  Listen New Rock 107.3 for the commercials and Click here for more info!!!!!

In crossfit, many people talk about competition: in the Games, in local competitions, against others in the gym, against the clock, etc.  Some don't like the competitive aspect of crossfit.  But really when you think of it, no matter what you are doing, you are competing.  If not against someone else, then against yourself or your past accomplishments.  Everyone wants to improve themselves or improve whatever they are doing.  This is truly the biggest competition of them all!  This is what makes training at the INFERNO so amazing; the fact that each and every person there is to improve themselves.  They want to be leaner, they want to more fit, they want to look better naked, they want to be able to chase after their grand kids, they want to be able to perform better at their jobs, they want to be more active, they want to have more energy, they want to feel younger, they want to feel more alive.  Do any of these things interest you?  Then come on in and get it here!  And you will have the counties top trainers and the best and most supportive community of crossfitters here rooting you on and joining you in the fight!  Cant wait to see you here!!!



"Gunna Get You!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

10 reps Front Squats (125#, 85#)

10 reps Box Jumps (30#)

10 reps Pull-ups




Max Box Jump

*see how high you can go!


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