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So i have been out on a fire for the last 5 days and i noticed a few things.  First, its amazing how much hard work it is being at a fire for hours on end, hiking, constructing fire line with hand tools, laying hose, climbing up and down very steep hills, waking up super early and going to bed super late.  I give props to all of those men and women who do this job!  What killed me was the food they give you to refuel these hard working men and women: tons of bread and sugary crap!  I would hear from firefighters that they need the carbs and the sugar.  Everyone is so used to hearing what the FDA says and that the foundation of our nutrition should be bread and carbs.  When you are used to eating Paleo, meat, vegetables, nuts and fruit, then you eat "bad" its hard to work to the capacity you need to.  Yes the "other food" tastes good but is it worth it when you cant do what you want or need to do?  Plus it isn't just the immediate results.  The constant spiking of insulin in your body enables diabetes, Alzheimer and cancers.  So needless to say, im glad to get back to my station and have some amazing paleo food!!!!!  Time to get back on track!!!


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"Back on Track"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

9-6-3 reps of

Thrusters (165#, 115#)





7 rds of

2 reps Power Cleans (225#, 155#)

7 reps HSPUs

200m run


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