FIGHT GONE BAD, the benefit workout raising money for Wounded Warriors Foundation, the LiveSTRONG Foundation and Crossfit Foundation, will be held at the INFERNO Gym on September 25th starting at 10am.  Come join the fight and do the workout!!  Goodie Bags for all those who participate!!!  Click here for more info!!!

I apologize about the post not showing yesterday in the morning.  We talk about riding that line and making yourself go as hard and as fast as you can without being afraid to hit the wall.  Well I went a bit outside the lines and hit the wall on Tuesday evening. I got all the workouts finished for the week, plus got work i was going out of county for a fire, plus tried to figure out going to the Grand Canyon with my Dad and brother.  I hit "pm" on the posting time rather than the normal 1201am time.   When this happens, you will be at the direction of the trainer, just as you are each and everyday.  So whatever they come up with, just jump in and get the work done.  Be ready for anything!!!!  Keep up the good work!!

Hey!!!  Crossfit INFERNO is on the Crossfit Radio Show!!  Bill talks about the workout tour and the Rob Orlando Strongman Seminar!!  Check this link!!



"Ka Pow!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:


Back Squats (225#, 155#)

Ring Dips

*Scaled Squat is about 55% of your 1RM, dips will be done on rings or boxes with plates for regular dips.


Back Squat/Ring Dip WOD Video (Kelly Starrett) [wmv][mov]




HSPU Clock:

1 HSPU the first min, then 2 in the next minute, then 3 in the next min, then 4 in the 4th, etc until you are unable to complete the required amount of HSPUs in that min.  If you do not at least complete the 10th round, then you take 1 minute rest and do 3 rounds of 70% of your highest completed round.  Ie, if your highest completed round was 6, then 6 x 70%=4.2 or 3 more rounds or 4 HSPU in each minute.  IF you cant get in the minute then you just have to finish that many reps before you go.


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