FIGHT GONE BAD will be hitting the INFERNO Gym Saturday September 25th starting at 10am and going all day!!!  Come out, make a donation and do an amazing workout!!  Prizes for top scores for individuals and teams!!  We will have scaled divisions so everyone can get involved!

We stress Full Range of Motion in all of our workouts.  We stress High Intensity in all of our workouts.  So which is more important?  The answer is they both are!!  We want you to ride that line of high speed and good form.  When you have full range you are more efficient in your moves moving more weight for more distance, and when your fast you are getting more work done in less time.  This means more power generated!!!  So get that Full Range and open up that speed!!!!  On a workout like today's, the key here is weight.  We want you to ride that line of making it and failing it.  Don't let yourself be afraid to fail, or have to do a few burpees.  See what you can do.  Get that positive mind set and let 'er rip!!!



"The Bear Complex"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

*The Bear complex is a series of these moves:

Power Clean

Front Squat

Front Push Press

Back Squat

and then Back Push Press. 

This is one rep.  You need to do 7 total reps per round of the WOD.  And you will do 5 rounds total.

The object of this WOD is to stay up as heavy as you can.  The first round is warm up and the following 4 rounds will be counted.  You score this by adding all of your successfully completed rounds and dividing by 4.  {135+155+185+185(f) = 475 / 4 = 118.75 or 119 total}

RULES:  you can rest the bar anywhere on YOU for any length of time but you have to "touch and go" off the ground, no setting on the ground or resetting hands, etc., If you put the bar down at anytime during the round, you owe 5 burpees for each drop immediately following that round.  if you decide not to finish the round, then you owe 20 burpees.  Take as much rest as needed between the rounds but if you do not finish a round then you owe burpees and will not be able to count that in your total.

There are different ways to score but watch this video to see how the movements are done:

Bear Complex WOD [wmv][mov] ยป Sept 25 07


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