If you haven't found out about FIGHT GONE BAD V yet, CLICK HERE!!!!  This is the benefit workout the INFERNO is doing to raise money for Wounded Warriors Foundation, LiveSTRONG Foundation and the Crossfit Foundation.  Come join the fun on September 25th!!!!

GPP......General Physical Preparedness....This is what the INFENRO Training is doing for you.  This means being a better athlete, having a stronger foundation to do more things, to be better at more things than before.  To be able to do more things than before.  When people ask me why i CrossFit, this is the basic reason; i want to be able to do EVERYTHING!  Now of course doing our training is not going to make you the best at one particular activity.  But what it will do is give you a stronger foundation on which to work your other activities on.  Test it out!!  Plan on doing a triathlon by only doing Inferno training, try doing a big hie or trail run with only doing Inferno training, try lifting some random heavy objects after only doing Inferno training, pick an event and try it after only doing Inferno training.  See what happens!!!   If you have experienced this, Post it up for the rest for the world to see!!!



"Speed is Strength"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the following:

20 reps Shoulder to Overhead (185#, 115#)

40 reps Burpee over the bar

*you can mix it up anyway you want as long as the number is completed




Tire Flip:

Max reps in 1:30mins

*We have 3 big tires in the gym, chose the one you are able to do.  the lift will count when you have lifted the tire up to its edge, then a partner will push it back down to you to lift again. 

**Some key points: set up like a Sumo Deadlift with hands inside of feet, put chest and chin on tire, keep your arms straight the whole time, drive in a 45 degree angle instead of lifting straight up, as your hips explode open, kick the tire with your knee to keep the momentum going while you switch your hands to a pushing position and then drive the tire up.  Work in 3 lines with one flipping then moving to the position behind the tire to push it back.  Have FUN!!!


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