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So we got to have the Crossfit Celebs Rob Orlando, Dave Lipson, David Millar, HQ Training Director Dave Castro and Producer Sevan Matossian come to our house to wod it up with everyone.  Then they brought me with them to go on a workout tour.  Kinda like a surf trip, but a workout trip hitting different workouts and different boxes on the way.  We worked out at John Hacklemans house and then rolled with some of his fighters.  We cruised up to Crossfit Salinas to Kenny Castro's new gym and worked out there.  The next day we went to Aromas, home of "The Ranch", the birth place of the Crossfit Games.  Jason Kalipa and Joey Warren joined up with us there.  We did 3 workouts there with them.  Then we went up to Kalipas new box and played around with some of his equipment.  A great time!!  Finally we made it to San Francisco and to Crossfit San Francisco, home of the famous Kelly Starett.  Here, we were the special guests of Rob's for his all new Strongman Seminar.  It was a super fun class teaching us how to throw around some crazy objects.  This was one of the best workout weeks I have ever had!  Thanks guys for a great time!!!!



"Going Long"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete the AMRAP in 30mins:

10 reps Deadlifts (225#, 155#)

40 reps Double Unders

30 reps Walking Lunges (15 each leg)

20 reps  KB Swing (55#, 35#)

5 reps Muscle ups

*the double unders can be scaled by 3 to 1 singles, the Muscle ups can be scaled by 3 to 1 pulls and dips to 1 muscle up, or 2 jumping muscle-ups in which you jump into a deep dip then push out. If you do not have a deep ring dip, then you are on the pulls and dips to scale


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