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911 is a time for us to remember.  There was a terrible thing that happened in America this day 10 years ago and there were many Public Safety personnel who lost their lives.  They died a terrible death but by trying to save others.  This is what they do and this is why we can never forget!!! Thank you to those who gave your lives, give your lives, and who are willing to die for us!!


__________________________ Wtc_911

"Always Remember"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3


Complete 10 rounds of the following:

9 reps Buddy Squats

Carry buddy across gym floor, 40 feet

11 reps Deadlift (275#, 185#)

Carry buddy back to pull-up bars

11 reps Burpee Pull-ups


*Teams of two, try to keep both girls and both guys, if split pairs then carry dumbbells for the lighter of the 2 people,if solo then do squats with BW or max clean weight off the floor, start at the pull-up bars, one person works at a time.


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